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    One of my textbooks gave an example and said that in Latin America things are done this way while in Central America they do it another way.

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    5 Responses to “What Is The Difference Between Latin America And Central America?”

    1. That is odd that a text book would say that. Latin America is Mexico and downwards through central and south america including som eof the caribean islands.
      There are differences in central america cultures and south american cultures but they are both part of latin america.

    2. Latin America is the part of the continent that’s speak latin languages like spanish or Portuguese.
      America has 3 parts:
      north America (Canada,USA and Mexico)
      central America (Caribbean)
      south America ( the rest)

    3. The Americas are divided into two: North America (Panama and all countries northwards) and South America (Colombia and all countries southwards).
      Latin America is a conceptual idea based upon countries which have been strongly influenced by their spanish (and portuguese) ties: hence it refers to all the mainland countries from Mexico southwards to chile & argentina, in addition to certain SPANISH speaking carribean countries such as cuba and puerto rico.
      Central America refers to the block of countries between mexico and panama inclusive.

    4. I agree, that’s strange. Latin America refers to both Central and South America, as well as some countries in the Caribbean.

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