Hermosa Beach House

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The Hermosa Beach House in Costa Rica is  an ideal beachfront retreat center for hosting retreats. The staff is committed to making the hosting experience seamless by assisting with various aspects such as transportation, room assignments, budgeting, booking tours, excursions and even providing promotional materials to help you advertise. The center offers a range of comfortable accommodations, including private suites and shared rooms, to accommodate different group sizes and preferences. Each room is thoughtfully furnished, providing a cozy retreat with the most amazing scenic of the beach and ocean, offering guests a relaxing environment with the soothing sounds of waves and the warmth of the sun poolside.  If you have experience hosting a retreat or this is your first time, we can walk you thru set by set.

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  • We have indoor and outdoor spaces designed to cater to the needs of your retreat.
  • The beach front yoga studio is ideal for yoga and meditation sessions, providing a serene and peaceful environment for self-reflection and inner growth.
  • On the first floor next to the pool there is game room, perfect for group gatherings, workshops.
  • We have outside meal area with 2 large wood tables to enjoy our yummy meals as a group.
  • The area is thoughtfully designed to foster connection and a sense of community among participants.

Whether you pool side or ready to explore the rain forest just across the street.

This location invites guests to immerse themselves in nature and find solace in the serene surroundings.

The outdoor space is an oasis of tranquility, with hammocks, loungers, and secluded nooks that provide opportunities for relaxation, reflection, and connecting with fellow retreat participants.

In addition to the beautiful spaces, our retreat center offers a range of amenities to enhance the retreat experience.

We offer an array of rejuvenating treatments, massages, and healing therapies to promote relaxation and well-being.

How to Start

The first step to plan your retreat at one of Hermosa Beach House Properties fill out a questionnaire and we will get back to you ASAP. We will help you with Transportation option and coordination once in Costa Rica.

  Lodging options and pricing of both properties depending on your guests needs. 

Meal plan may vary depending on type of retreat and every groups different needs. 

We can set up ceremonies, treatments, and activities by local businesses.

There are so many fun tours and experiences and we can arrange it all as part of the retreat or as a extra charge to your guests.