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Some experts say that within 50 years the American Southwest will have a majority of people who are Hispanic. within 100 years all of America will be majority Hispanic. Most of them will be from Mexico or Central America and be Indian Ancestry vs Spanish.
Do you think America will be a better country when Hispanic people are the majority?

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24 Responses to “Will America Be A Better Country With A Hispanic Majority?”

  1. It will no longer be America, it’ll be something else. For better or worse it will be changed forever…as if it hasn’t already. As long as theyor anybody else for that matter don’t get to far out of control in my sphere of influence I suppose they will be just fine. My bigger issue is hispanic criminals, black criminals, white criminals, any criminals who rape and murder. Everybody is looking the other way and these things only get worse year by year. Time for a different course of action….just like my namesake.

  2. America will NEVER have a hispanic majority, it’s literally impossible. There is NOT enough people in Hispanic America to outweigh the non-latino population here in the united states. NO scientific or demographic study has ever reported that. The most that i have ever seen was a projection that 25% of the population would be Hispanic, but even then (as it is now) most of those people would have assimilated significantly by then. Even today, only 11% of hispanics live in Spanish-Only households, the majority of us (74%) were born here and know american customs.
    Also, even if some parts of the southwest have a hispanic majority, who cares? Most of those states were part of Mexico in the first place. Why does every region in the US have to be majority anglo-white?

  3. Take a look at south and central america and tell me how good those countries are. Human trafficking and drug smuggling has gone up drastically in the south west and some say it is because of the rize of latin gangs in the area.
    On the other hand a lot of the immigrants who came to the U.S just came to work so maybe a majority of the hispanic population will be really hard workers.

  4. It’ll still be the great place that it is, but it’ll just have more hard working people. The candidate who is elected for President will determine if it’ll be a better place or not.

  5. Within 100 year the majority will be a mixed race.
    Hell within 50 years the majority will be mixed.

  6. Report Me
    17:13, 07.11.2009

    Yes! We can have fiestas all the time and eat enchaladias! And I’m serious! Hispanics love to party!
    Jiggaboo Jenna…you’re white under that Avatar.

  7. I just guess it would be like every other hispanic country…

  8. Most of them are leaving bad nations. Notice how they leave the nations economy go up. Notice how they come here, our economy goes down.

  9. no, they’re making it worse. Why aren’t they making Mexico any better but all of them are coming here.

  10. Da Next Celebrity
    17:13, 07.11.2009

    Then every would have to learn spanish
    it would be to pathetic

  11. Down South Cutie!
    17:13, 07.11.2009

    I think so. Hispanics are not as stuck up as white people. (Not to sound racist)

  12. it sure has’nt helped any other country including their own.

  13. Doubt it. All people react the same to power regardless of their race.

  14. Yow! No way!

  15. i think itll be the same. as long as educated people are in power.

  16. I think it will be better than ever

  17. No, No and……HE@# No!!!

  18. duh.

  19. no

  20. Sure, Jobs in produce and brick laying will be the newest college degree plans even I can get one of those. LOL

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