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The People of Central and South America are not latin. Latin people were the original People of the Roman Empire and they are an Italic People. The only People that can call themselves Latin are Italians, Some French And the Spainards.
Most Mexicans are Mestizos In other words they are Mongrels with Native American (Aztec, Inca, Maya ect) Admixture. You do not see these Little short, Brown skinned People in my home Country spain like I see here working the low end jobs in America.
Why do you call yourself Latin? You Are Not Latin. You are Indian Mongrels. Stop calling yourselves Latin.
Thank you!

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7 Responses to “Why Do People Of Central And South America Call Themselves Latin?”

  1. Spanish and several other languages are based on Latin and therefore Latin languages. That’s why it’s called Latin America. So, central and South Americans have every right to be called Latin Americans as do Mexicans and Cubans and a few other Spanish speaking peoples.
    Too much Spanish Port. Maybe you should switch to beer.

  2. Well, thanks to Spaniards and Frenchmen not keeping it in their pants, Amerindians, Africans, and the Europeans mated thus Central, Southern American, and (some) Caribbean countries (where these Euro/African, Euro/Indian people live) have become Latin America.
    Thank you, Europe!

  3. How rude!! Ignorance and racism must run rampant in Spain if you are a reflection of it. I resent the fact that you dare call anyone a mongrel! If you are a reflection of Spain I pity your country….

  4. because they speak neolatin languages as spanish and portuguese, that together french, italian and romanian are languages influenced from latin spoken by the Ancient Romans
    central and south america were portuguese and spanish colonies, so there people spoke these to neolatin languages

  5. you are all the same. get over yourself. no body cares.

  6. If I recall correctly, the Spanish did come to the “New World” and conquer parts of what is now Central and South America, and many ultimately ended up reproducing with the native people, forceably or otherwise.
    Take a history class, you idiot.

  7. M U N C H
    17:27, 16.10.2009

    why would i call myself a native american? do i look like a native?i am latin…or hispanic

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