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Central America is not one of the major continents. So, it may be called a ’subcontinent’. It is from Mexico to Panama.
According to my atlas, Central America is part of NORTH AMERICA, along with USA and Canada.
You may NOT group Central America to South America. South America has already a fixed number of countries, namely:
- Argentina
- Bolivia
- Brazil
- Chile
- Colombia
- Ecuador
- French Guiana
- Guyana
- Paraguay
- Peru
- Suriname
- Uruguay
- Venezuela
The WEST INDIES, or the group of islands located at the Carribean Sea are also part of NORTH AMERICA.
PS. There ARE continents named NORTH and SOUTH AMERICA. If your source is “very” basic geography, you should know that.
- Asia
- Africa
- Antarctica
- Europe
- Australia

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13 Responses to “Which Continent Does Central America Belong To ?”

  1. marcelino angelo (BUSY)
    23:13, 30.08.2009

    Central America is ‘ politically ‘ considered an integral part of South American continent. Geographically and physically this part of the world is a standalone area of Land that is a sort of joint between the North and South American Continents. People of USA do not refer to it as part of North America.
    There are a total of 7 Continents.
    North America.
    South America.
    Normally when we speak of Central America we mainly imply a specific area of the South American Continent.
    I do not think that we consider the central part of North American continent or the central part of USA as Central America.
    Geopolitically, Central America has traditionally consisted of the following countries.
    El Slavador
    Costa Rica
    So essentially Central America is that part land lying just below Mexico and Columbia. Thus it is between the North American and the South American Continent. This would mean that it is no way part of the North American or that of the South American Continent.

  2. North America

  3. Christopher P
    23:13, 30.08.2009

    Central America

  4. according to me, there is no north or south america but only one continent called america. and central america of course belongs to it. north and south is a division very popular in the states but not in other parts of the world. i guess this is because the states call themselves america and try to avoid confusion. or maybe there is also a racist issue.

  5. America….You see..Central America, is part of the continent called America….where the Country named The United States of America is located…
    America is not a Country, its a Continent…it CONTAINS three portions: North America (that comprises Canada, the United States and Mexico) Central America, also known as meso amsrica. (that contains Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica and Panama.. and South America, that contains Brazil Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina,
    You see?
    There is not such a thing as North and South America Continents..They are not separated.There is only ONE continent called AMERICA..(ONLY ONE)
    Remember. the five continents of the earth are:
    AMERICA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania….recently it has ben proposed that Anctarctica, would be considered as a separate continent. If you know about any other continent, please let me know ( perhaps you will win the prize of National Geographic Magazine—
    Those porposing Anctartica, have a point there

  6. Sehr_Klug 50
    23:13, 30.08.2009

    North America

  7. north america

  8. It’s part of North America

  9. Central America belongs to the continent of North America.

  10. North America.

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