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    I’m going to Costa Rica and I will be staying in Jaco Beach, I’m wondering how much it will cost me (food and drinks only) if I am going to be partying 5 days of the week.

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    10 Responses to “How Much Will Cost Me A Week In Costa Rica?”

    1. In Jaco you can easily spend U$50.00 a day on food and a drink or two. If you do some serious drinking you can easily break U$100.00 a day and still wake up the next day. Or you can go a lot cheaper. There are places were a beer costs less then 2 bucks. And eat for 10 bucks a day but you might have to wander away from the center area.

    2. I would say $1000 for a week of partying. Tipping is not really customary but you can give if you’d like. If you stick to typical Costa Rican cuisine it will be fairly inexpensive. If you are a beer drinker, order Imperial it’s a Costa Rican beer that’s really good. You will definitely see many tourists in Jaco. Have fun.

    3. if you’re a beer drinker or rum and coke (heavy drinking) with food about $150 daily.
      If you’re a whiskey drinker (C.R. you can’t find scotch) with food could be around $250 daily.
      If you’re a cocktail drinker about $200 ( some cocktails are cheap but some aren’t).
      Once you are there, you “must” try : ceviche ( fish cocktail), gallo pinto (desayuno), arroz con pollo ( rice cooked in the chicken broth with a lot of chicken in), try the costarican food.
      Also, we have a lot of fruits that you never saw in the states, try to find a fruit stand, you’ll be amaze.
      Now, I’m hungry…..I missed so bad my country :(
      Be careful with your stuff, CR right now is not very safe, just be smart and don’t expose yourself.

    4. Its about 1/2 the price of the U.S. for food/bar money. Some money saving tricks are not to go to the U.S. chains like Quiznos or KFC there! (super expensive) Do not order import beer. (super expensive) You shouldn’t have to spend more than $30 a day to eat three times and “party”.
      Be careful of the tranny professional intercourse havers (there is a lot of them in Jaco), keep it clean and have fun!

    5. Jaco is fairly pricey…. I would plan for $200/day for a decent time.. .that includes buying some drinks for people… i agree with the previous dude… try the ceviche…. had it for the first time in January in San Jose and its awesome…

    6. Spend what ever your comfortable with. Jaco is a good place to get your @ss kicked……..be careful……..If you need to remember anything …………always………..always treat the Tico’s with respect.

    7. william a
      22:53, 10.08.2009

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    8. $ 2500

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