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    I’d like to move to South America for some time.I’m hoping to move somewhere cheap!Any Ideas?
    Every website I go to has different prices for the “biggies” (housing, electricity etc..)
    One website -”Can rent in San Jose, Costa Rica for as low as $200″ -to live comfortably..
    Another-”Rent only goes as low as $500″-to live comfortably..
    Anyone have any up to date websites or advice having traveled the areas down there?
    I’m 22 and looking for adventure, on a budget!
    Thank you!

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    4 Responses to “Moving To Central Or South America..for Cheap?”

    1. You might want to move to Panama City, Panama because everything there is very cheap.
      Here is what I do mean:
      The taxis (from the street) will cost you $1.50.for 2 people.
      If you have to call for them, it will cost you $1.90 for 2 people.
      What is variable is the following:
      Rent will vary from location to location.
      Water will depend if it is included in the cost of the maintance or not.
      The light bill is a nother factor.
      And finally the telephone bill is a another variable factor.

    2. I lived in Paraguay for 6 months and I lived in a relatively nice place for just $12 a month!! I paid $72 for a 6 month stay in a villa. Well it wasn’t exactly like a villa in Italy or France but by Paraguayan standards it was a villa. Paraguay is the cheapest country to live in South America. I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner on $3 a day. $90 to $95 a month on food. I ate only a little bit of food mainly just rice, beans, bread, and a small amount of fruits and vegetables, which was fine for me because I was trying to lose some weight. I didn’t eat in any restaurants, I went to the markets and cooked the food myself and I also made friends who invited me over for meals. So if you know how to cook you an save a lot of money. Paraguay is the perfect place for a traveler on a budget, it’s cheap but it’s a beautiful country with great people. I plan on going to Egypt really soon, another cheap country, If you go to Paraguay you will just love it. Have fun wherever you decide to go :).

    3. St L, please watch out what you say because if you hurt somebody directly or indirectly Yahoo! will definitely hear about it.

    4. if you’re serious Costa Rica is the place to go in central america. stay away from mexico, guatemala, el salvador, honduras, nicaragua etc
      Costa Rica is clean and safe.

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