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    I’m doing a project and I’ve looked everywhere on the internet to try and find what type of everyday clothing people that live in Costa Rica wear. Anyone know?! (:

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    6 Responses to “What Type Of Clothing Do They Wear In Costa Rica?”

    1. -The Silly Little Atheist-
      22:51, 17.06.2009

      Ok, I live here in Costa Rica, so I am gonna help you.
      teen Girls-
      Extremely tight designer knock off jeans.
      Super short JEAN skirts
      tight shirts that always com above the naval
      and no matter what they are doing and or where they are going, they always wear 3 to 4 inch heels.
      but they occasionally wear ballet flats, but more heels than anything
      teen Boys-
      Basically any surfer knock off or the real deal [depending on the money]
      they wear fake [or real] etnies or converse and sandals and flip flops[they call them thongs]
      older Women-
      knee length skirts or shorts
      normal tank tops and tee shirts
      and chunky flip flops[to make them taller because everyone here is pretty short]
      older Men-
      Short sleeved button up shirts[usually plaid, we don't know why]
      normal cargo SHORTS [they usually only wear shorts]
      and for some unknown reason, they wear rain boots[or Goulashes if you prefer.]
      I hope I helped you

    2. Hi,
      Costa Ricans dress the exact same way people would in Florida or California.
      There is nothing different about their outfits:)
      Marina K. Villatoro

    3. guys wear billabong, fox, and surfer nock off brands…..girls wear tight jeans with belly shirts…but ya jeans and shirts very casual

    4. it depends on their social class-but pretty much the same type of clothes as here

    5. same as us

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