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I wonder why the romans didn’t conquer north america central america and south america does anyone know why

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11 Responses to “Why Didn’t The Romans Conquer North America Central America And South America?”

  1. The Romans were unable to conquer the known worlds.
    Battle of Sogdiana, 36 BC
    Han expedition into central Asia, west of the Jaxartes River, apparently encountered and defeated a contingent of Roman legionaries. The Romans may have been the enslaved remnants of Crassus’ army, defeated by the Parthians and forced to fight on their eastern frontier. Sogdiana (modern Bukhara), east of the Oxus River, on the Polytimetus River, was apparently the most easterly penetration ever made by Roman forces in Asia. The margin of Chinese victory appears to have been their crossbows, whose bolts and darts seem easily to have penetrated Roman shields and armor.
    Only the Mongols were able to conquer the known worlds [annihilation of Russia, breaking it into 3 components, and conquered all the way to crush Hungary, with Crusades Knights routed along the way]: Mongol Empire was 4 times as large as the Roman Empire, and was the largest continuous empire. If anything, the Europeans should be grateful to the Mongols, for it was Timur the Great’s devastating victory against the Turks that prevented the Turks from threatening Europe again for a long time. However, the Mongols were defeated by the Ming Chinese.

  2. The reason Romans did not could have something to do with the design of their ships. Roman ships like Greek ships according to history were built only for The Meditteranean and were troop ships not navy ships according to some accounts. There was another people that did get to America much later to what would be called New Foundland in Canada and these people were The Vikings from either Ice Land or Green Land. The Vikings set up a colony in the area which would be called New Found Land. Centuries later a man by the name of Amerigo Vespucci would land in America.
    After him would come Christopher Columbus. Another reason these people and not Romans got there is the assasination of Julius Caesar perhaps if he had lived he would have looked for more places to conquer . Also Emperors and such killed each other off and Rome had the desire to be a Republic again plus isolationist approach. Also a question of wood for ships.

  3. They didn’t know there was the Americas at that time. They thought that if they venture too far to the west they would fall off the earth, as they believed the earth was flat. I think they knew about the east, though, like China and India, but they were too far away to conquer, especially with the Parthians, and Scythians, and Persians, and others in the way.

  4. I don’t believe that they knew that the present day continents of North and South America existed. Besides, if they could have mounted an attack across that much water, it would have been easier for them to have just finished taking the rest of Africa and Asia on dry land. They just ran out of steam because of their internal “entitlements for no work” groups bankrupted them. (Like the present day American Welfare system actually)

  5. They did not even know it was there. The Romans thought Scotland (Ultima Thule) was the end of the world.
    >’Metternich’ is absolutely correct about educated Romans knowing the world is round. The Columbus myth about the flat Earth is a fairy tale, as Greek and Egyptian stated the world was round thousands of years ago, knowledge passed on to the Romans.

  6. Age of Metternich
    11:09, 10.06.2009

    The Romans had no knowledge of the Americas. They did, however, know that the world was round. Any educated person has known that fact since the times of ancient Greece…

  7. Fortunately they couldn’t go there and probably didn’t know it was there. read the art of war– never extend your forces on an over long supply line. Example: british inability to retain american colonies

  8. How would they have gotten here? That was all they knew of, they didnt wanna fall off the edge of the earth! To them, they had all the land there was.

  9. Cause they were poor swimmers :P

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