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Whenever people start discussing immigration and illegal immigrations, all everyone ever talks about are “mexicans.”
We have immigrants, both legal and illegal, from ALL over south and central america. (and other non-hispanic countries)
My boyfriend is an immigrant from El Salvador, and people ask refer to him as Mexican all the time.
Is it just to be racist?
Or are people really just ill-informed?

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21 Responses to “Why Do People Assume That All Hispanics Living In America Are Mexican?”

  1. The average American is simply ignorant of that fact. The average American is not trying to be racist when they call someone a Mexican. It is that most Hispanic’s in this country came from Mexico. Yes there are a lot of immigrants and illegal aliens from other Hispanic origins.

  2. I’ve heard this a lot too. Some of my elementary students sometimes said stuff like, “all the Mexican kids play soccer” and I would correct them and say, that he is from Venezuela, he is from El Salvador, and she is from Costa Rica. But, these were children. Adults say this kind of stuff too which is more disturbing. I think it comes from ignorance. I don’t know everyone’s race, either, but I would never call a Hispanic person a Mexican. Calling all Hispanic people Mexican is insensitive and shows the person’s ignorance.

  3. They wouldn’t know an illegal if one was standing right in front of them. Unfortunately the majority of South American immigrants travel through Mexico to get here. I guess that makes them honorary Mexicans. But what ya gonna do? Right now it’s the Mexicans that are being focused on. Much like Irish, Haitians, Italian, and name any other group that has emigrated here. It’s just their turn. My only solace is that the unintelligent will inbreed themselves out of existence.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Mostly ignorance I think.
    Being of Spanish decent (also Irish, Scottish & English), I have come to the conclusion that most people really don’t know. I have had people come right out and say that they don’t know the difference between A Spanish person (from Spain) or a Mexican person (from Mexico). It’s really quite embarrassing for them. As it should be.

  5. Rainbow Nation
    16:55, 04.02.2010

    I don’t at all. My partner is Mexican - legal - and I know that most immigrants are not Mexican
    I think it’s just because Mexico is the closest country to the United States.
    Dime con quien te juntes, y te digo quien eres.

  6. Is he legal? betting he is.
    Noone has a problem with Legal immigrants. this country was based on that. Hyspanic or otherwise.
    we have an issue with ILLEGAL immigrants, who most assuridly are usually (the majority) from mexico, thus, Mexicans.

  7. I doubt it is to be racist, if I see a white person I call it like I see it, a white person, same with a black person, indian person, mexican person. If they look like a race they are usually described as or thought to be that race.

  8. I don’t think people are trying to be racist, I just think their ignorance is shining through! They haven’t even took the time to learn that all hispanics are not mexican and they could be a variety of different things. I think this was a great question.

  9. Because most people like to regurgitate misguided crap that they hear from the media and they are too lazy to study the world to know about people and cultures. Some are racist, yes, but I mostly think it is pure ignorance.

  10. pure ignorance –hispanics are more than just mexican lol they need to come to south florida, the miami area preferably.
    but i know my friends that are cuban are not immigrants but alot think they are its the stereotype you know.

  11. Mysterious Racer P
    16:55, 04.02.2010

    People are just ill-informed.
    Back in my hometown of Boston, there are NO Mexicans - they’re all Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, or Salvadoran, and people still call them Mexicans.

  12. You are right. I guess it is that most are from Mexico. Many people I know say hispanic or asian to refer to a group since it is hard to know what nation they may be from.

  13. ♥ROXXX♥
    16:55, 04.02.2010

    I don’t think most people think Hispanics are Mexican. I do know we have a bad situation at our Mexican boarders, so maybe this is confusing you.

  14. The vast majority of them are from Mexico, so people refer to most of them as Mexican; I wouldn’t call that racism.

  15. I am Sofa King Tonight
    16:55, 04.02.2010

    Most illegals are Mexican.

  16. 12-25 Never Forget
    16:55, 04.02.2010

    I thought “Hispanic” was just a more polite was to say “Mexican”!

  17. jimmy dean's uncle
    16:55, 04.02.2010

    isn’t a Hispanic from Spanish? countries? the closest is Mexico
    I hate illegals

  18. its more ignorance than racism.

  19. Baby Face
    16:55, 04.02.2010

    too many tiny countries for people to keep track of.

  20. i can see russia from my house…is that rings a bell

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