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Most people here in the U.S. seem to despise immigrants, especially those from Mexico and Central America. They criticize these people for seeking a better life in the U.S. and say they should try to make thing better in their native country. But really, almost everyone in the U.S. is descended from immigrants, mostly from europe. Does this mean that if your ancestors moved to the U.S. at some point, they should have just stayed in their own country and tried to “make things better there”? By that logic, everyone who isn’t native american should move to whatever country their ancestors lived in. So it seems very hypocritical to me to criticize people from Mexico and Central America for immigrating to the U.S. unless you are a native american.

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34 Responses to “Why Do So Many Americans Despise Immigrants When They Are Descended From Immigrants Themselves?”

  1. Underground Man
    05:14, 18.12.2009

    Because people in the U.S. are dumb hypocrites. Just like people all over the world.
    You have to get it into your mind that people are not rational.

  2. My ancestors didn’t scurry across the border like vermin, and live off my tax dollars.
    You want to come here, then wait in line.

  3. Most people here do NOT despise immigrants. We do however despise illegal immigrants and immigrants who do not treat us with respect as they are the ones moving here and asking US to allow them to move here - remember we are a soverign nation and as such we would be stupid to allow unfettered movement of all peoples into our country
    The reason having the Spanish language on everything irritates us is that WE end up paying for it. It costs taxpayers and consumers money to have everything printed up in 2 or more languages. It costs us money to have police officers trained in two or more languages. It costs us money to provide translators for all government functions. It costs us money to provide inmates information in spanish. It costs taxpayers to have to hire bilingual teachers to teach english. It cost extra to have to have every label for every product be printed up in 2 languages.
    The reason that the immigration process is not “easier” is that we allow over 1.3 million people to immigrate here legally every year. Because of this our country faces huge expenses to provide infastructure to support these additional people. Schools and roads must be built. Police and firemen must be hired. Farmland must be plowed under to provide houses to these people. We will be at 600 million in 60-70 years WITHOUT any increases in immigration and only counting the LEGAL immigrants.
    We are upset because this will lead to a lower quality of life for our children and grandchildren. All so that people who complain about US can immigrate here.

  4. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS not legal>>>???

  5. I don’t criticize those who want to come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families by getting an honest job and paying taxes just like I do - I criticize those who come to this country by cover of night with no documents and get paid under the table and don’t pay taxes. There is a difference.

  6. “Most people here in the U.S. seem to despise immigrants, especially…..”
    First off most Americans don’t despise immigrants, most of us don’t really care if you are an immigrant or not. What we care about is Illegal aliens, we don’t want or need people who don’t respect OUR way of life or OUR laws. My grandmother and my great grandfather come over from Norway, on the other side of my family ALL my ancestor were here waiting for them, I can go back over seven generations on my mother’s side all of them NA I could go back farther but the records get real spotty. Now most Americans don’t criticized people from Mexico or Central America, or Japan, Korea, or wherever, unless, they are here illegally. It’s not hypocritical to expect everyone who wishes to live or work in the US to follow the laws.
    “About the difference between “illegal aliens” and “legal immigrants”…it’s still hypocritical…..”
    How things were done in the 1400s and 1500s and how they are done now is completely different. Things were done differently back then. Also there was no central government for anyone to ask permission to immigrate. Now there is, I can’t go to Mexico without asking permission. In fact if you look at Mexico’s south boarder and see how they treat illegal aliens compared to how the US treats illegal aliens. After all the illegal aliens coming into Mexico are just looking for a better life, etc. But the police don’t seem to have any problem with deporting them as soon as they find them, even if it means breaking up a family, that’s if they are lucky, if not maybe they are robbed, raped, killed. And all they are doing is looking for a better life.…
    If anyone is a hypocrite, it’s the Mexicans.
    “I don’t understand why so many people are mad about having Spanish on everything. To me, it doesn’t seem like it’s such a big deal, as long as they have English as well….”
    The problem isn’t that everything is in Spanish it the fact that the illegal aliens are DEMANDING that everything is in Spanish. Go to Mexico as an Illegal alien and demand that everything be put in English and see how far you get.
    Yes Canada has two languages, and it’s causing them a lot of problems. The French speaking Canadians have threatened to break away from Canada. In Switzerland, they have an official language Swiss. All legal documents are in Swiss. Heck I can go to places in the US where they speak Sioux, French, German, Norwegian, all within about a 100 miles from where I live. The big deal is that illegal aliens, people who have NO right to be here are DEMANDING that we accommodate them, they can’t be bothered to learn English so I have to learn spanish.
    “And by the way, it wouldn’t be necessary for so many people to immigrate illegally…”
    First off there are no illegal immigrants, that’s just a PC term to make people feel better, they are illegal aliens.
    So it’s hard to become to immigrate to the US, try immigrating to Mexico, or almost any other country in the world. Almost every country who found out you where there illegally, or working on a visa that didn’t allow you to work would toss you out on the next plane if you didn’t spend some time in a nice jail of course. If you are unskilled, uneducated, try getting immigrating to any other country, it’s almost impossible. Most countries already have enough unskilled workers, what they want and need is skilled workers. Do we need a better system, I’d say yes. It took my friend 5 years to bring his wife back to the states, but we first need to fix our boarders, both of them, and get rid of ALL illegal aliens. And no I don’t care where they came from, they just need to go home. Once we do that then we can decide how many and who we need to let in our country.

  7. I’m sorry, you must be confused. The vast majority of Americans welcome immigration…. LEGAL immigration that is.

  8. The biggest problem that I have with the immigration problem is that many of the things in our country now have spanish all over them, including some commercials that are entirely in Spanish. This is our country, they can learn our language. I have absolutely no problem with someone seeking a better life, but I would prefer that they do it the right way instead of sneaking over the fence. Not to mention the ever-increasing problem with many Mexicans buying vehicles and not insuring them which then causes a huge number of difficulties if someone happens to have a collision. I’m not saying that they all do this, and I’m not stereotyping because I know several very respectable, very legal Mexicans. But I believe that if they want to be an American they can respect our culture and not try to force theirs upon us. That being said, I apologize to anyone I may have offended, this is simply my personal opinion.

  9. Nativists don’t have much of an issue with thier own ancestry. They figure if your family’s been here a few generations (generally, at least as however many generations thier family has been) you’re a native. But, nativists are really on the fringe of the current backlash.
    Racists, OTOH, are obsessed with ancestry to the exclusion of most other considerations. To the racist, the merits of your ancestors are more important than your merits, and it’s fair to judge people by the actions not only of thier ancestors, but of contemporaries of those ancestors.
    The majority of Americans, though don’t object to immigration, and aren’t excessively race-conscious, let alone overtly or actively racist - but the majority of Americans are increasingly concerned about ILLEGAL immigration.

  10. Do you think the reason the immigration process into America is difficult and the requirements so stringent because there are 300 BILLION people here already?
    What seems hypocritical to me is to allow illegal aliens to enter this country undeterred and to destroy this nation while claiming they come here for a better life.
    Well, how many poverty stricken, illiterate, unskilled people do you think a nation can absorb without suffering from the effects?
    How many do you think a nation should have to support?
    Add: Amen Ben C

  11. I agree with Lori….it’s not so much the ones that are legal….it is the illegal immigrants that are taking work away from legal americans and causing problems here. Lets face it most illegal aliens are usually disrespectful to mostly females and can hardly ever speak english! At least learn english if you are going to try to stay here!!! It has caused a lot of econimic problems….but if you dont have a problem with immigrants what is your problem with other people’s opinions? This is America and you and all of those immigrants need to learn we have what you call “Freedom of Speech” here!

  12. I, as well as the majority of Americans embrace the legal immigrants that come into our wonderful country legally. It is those that break our laws by entering illegally that I feel nothing for. They are nothing but a drain on our society and need to be deported back to their own countries.

  13. Americans are actually very immigrant friendly. We just don’t like CRIMINAL IMMIGRANTS.
    Thanks for playing, but you need to try harder.

  14. Descendants of child molesters probably still hate child molesters.

  15. First, there is a difference between illegal immigrants and immigrants who founded our country. The reason people are against illegal immigrants from Central America is because for one, they are illegal, and two, they generally make up the majority of illegal aliens. Yes, our ancestors were from Europe, and technically “immigrants”, but it was also a different time back then as well. When our ancestors migrated from Europe to the United States, there were more natural resources and they contributed to the development for the good of the nation. Today’s immigrants consume more than they contribute and are overburdening our social services.
    Most people who you say “despise” immigrants today do not “despise” them simply because they are foreign, many migrating from Mexico and Central America are doing so without declaring themselves which creates problems among the work force and the welfare system in the U.S. Generally speaking, those who migrate from foreign countries illegally, lack education and are looking for entry-level jobs. Those not able to find such jobs may look to crime as a way to survive, thus increasing the crime rate and burdening our government yet again. It would be more acceptable for people to migrate to the U.S. if they paid taxes for the social reforms they are so eager to use.

  16. Forget the rhetoric. This is government propaganda.
    What people feel is fear. Thet feel economically stressed and endangered. They cannot seem to blame the policies of corporations who actually control their wages and benefits or to have any meaningful impact on either the corporations or their policies.
    They scape-goat the immigrants and blame them for driving down wages and benefits because politicians tell them that they are to blame and that they have the power to do something about it (Vote for me!).
    So the corporations and ranchers/farmers who encourage and in some cases actively aid illegals benefit and avoid responsibility for their actions.
    These reactions are not logical and can never be explained logically.
    My family got approval from the king of Spain to enter its colony and I wish stuff was written in French as well as English and Spanish because we Cajuns were French.

  17. doesnt mean they have to keep coming in illegaly, enough is enough, this place to over populated, illegals or legals, go somewhere else damn it

  18. My ancestors came here legally.

  19. Hello, it’s 2007! Illegal aliens are despised due to their nasty attitudes and the torrent of crimes they’ve committed against our nation! Legal immigrants are welcome, illegals are an abomination! Try, really try, to live in the present and not the past! It would benefit you exponentially!

  20. Many of our ancestors came here long after the US was a nation with immigration laws not as you say when Native Americans controlled America. Again you on the far left do no see any difference between those who follow the laws and come here wanting to be a US citizen, to adapt to its customs, and obey all its laws. The illegal immigrants can’t even comply with our basic laws let alone wanting to be US citizens (they just want to take from our system and never adapt to our customs).

  21. Chris Cross Christ
    05:14, 18.12.2009

    Americans do not despise immigrants.
    Americans do not despise illegal immigrants, who are respectful.
    Americans despise illegal immigration.

  22. Most despise ILLEGAL ALIENS not legal immigrants. Legal immigrants have all my blessings. You are welcome to legally migrate to my country anytime. ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE DESPICABLE AND NEED TO BE DEPORTED…YESTERDAY to make room for more law abiding LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Why do ILLEGAL ALIENS feel that they have the right to steal a rightful place from someone from Nigeria, Bangladesh, Haiti or Somalia just because the border is close to them?
    I’m really puzzled by the attitude of the people who seem to think that those from our southern borders are more entitled to seek a better life than those from Africa or Asia.
    You are making multiple excuses for illegal behavior. What DO you have against immigrants from other parts of the world? Why should they follow the rules but those from south of our border should be exempt? Why are they able to figure out the paperwork (which really isn’t all that difficult….I just looked at it) and follow the law? Is there a big difference in intelligence or is it just in attitude?
    Why do immigrants every other continent in the world have the capability to fill out paperwork while others can’t do it (but they CAN save the money for a “coyote”, plan and dig tunnels, and execute all manner of schemes illegally).
    Our immigration laws are no more strict than any others…in fact, we admit more LEGAL immigrants every year than the next 9 top nations COMBINED. If all illegal aliens were stopped and deported, more opportunities could be opened up to more people around the world.

  23. This is the silliest question that simply won’t die. In 2000 years, if America hasn’t become a third world cesspool, people like you will still be calling native born Americans immigrants.
    At what point, in your view, do the descendants of colonials get to decide immigration policy. Never?

  24. Smelly Cat
    05:14, 18.12.2009

    Alot has changed since the 1400’s. You can’t compare the two situations..The Indians should have killed Columbus. He and his crew were nothing less than criminals…

  25. jealous elf
    05:14, 18.12.2009

    once you delve below the surface, the issue is not always IMMIGRATION (legal or illegal), but rather XENOPHOBIA. the people i’ve spoken with in my area (which has a large number of hispanic immigrants) seem to fear the different colors and culture and language. one local politician claimed that if we don’t stop the tide of illegal immigration, we’ll soon have a “brown house instead of a white house.”
    since only citizens can vote, and you must be a us-born citizen to be president, this looks more like fear of another race than concern about the costs of illegal immigration.
    listen to what people say and behind the rhetoric is a lot of fear of what is different. i don’t think it’s necessarily racism, but fear. and fear causes a lot of cowardly words and actions.

  26. Blah, Blah, Blah,…you forgot to use your race card. I’m getting tired of these weak @$$ excuses. You “people” need to come up with some new lines of defending your illegal actions.

  27. Back when my family originally immigrated here…..this was according to todays standards….almost nothing but wilderness. There weren’t that many people here. It’s like asking these new immigrants to go and settle the North Pole. I mean heck…..they’re already planting flags up there to make sure they claim their part of the oil reserves underneath. Atleast we know it’s cold and something about it. Back then they didn’t know what they were in for comming here.
    Life was so miserable for them that the unknown was a better deal than what they left. When it’s that bad…..and you escape it…..why would you want to re-create the same thing someplace else?
    I mean people want to start American history with the wild-wild west time. It wasn’t like that before. Many of these people died. If it wasn’t for the native Americans and their help….many more would have died. All indians didn’t HATE the American settlers and it wasn’t a 15 year massive suge of the “white” English just doing a shore to shore take over. Heck the English fought the French and there was host of things along the way and many, many years in-between.
    Immigrants NOW are comming into an already established country and law and land filled with people. They aren’t settling the wilderness anymore. This isn’t no-mans land anymore. You aren’t discovering land and building the building and starting anything. You’re comming into an already built and filled building trying to find a seat.
    Sorry…..but that changes things. You aren’t creating and developing anything……just stepping in to enjoy the benefits.
    I mean Mexico and South America were always here. They had an easier oppertunity to come here and settle this land alot easier than crossing oceans to do so. But they didn’t. Why? Guess at that time they didn’t feel the need to do so. So that’s why it’s useless to compare then and now. Our first settlers came here and established something where there was nothing. It’s when they weren’t satisfied to leave the natives alone and infringed on them that there was a problem. They did it out of ignorance in many cases. Then it was just greed and there is no excuse for that.
    Now todays immigrants know……there’s no mis-information about laws and boundries……..they aren’t settling a wasteland or wilderness. They are comming to partake in what we built. Fine. That’s immigration to a point. They crossed the line to feel entitled to come and take over and not fit in but kick out an already established country and not abide the rules or do anything to fit in here. We are full…..we don’t need them…..they should be asking for a place at the table….not invading and throwing people out.
    You are wrong when you say we aren’t “forced” to learn Spanish when all of a sudden “bi-lingual” means “must speak Spanish”. Back door method……but it’s still the same. Bi-lingual means the ability to speak 2 languages. It doesn’t specify which 2 languages. You can be bi-lingual and speak neither English or Spanish. So it’s a little ploy to act like it’s not “racist” or “discriminatory” since everyone has known for ages and ages America IS an English speaking country. English is required for citizenship. It’s as you have said…..a nation of immigrants from all over the world in which most in this country ARE bi-lingual……they just don’t speak Spanish. At any given time in our history we have had immigrants in larger numbers from one area or another…..but we didn’t change our national language to meet what’s easy for the newest immigrants. It could just have easily been French or German or who knows what else. But it’s English. Over 1/2 of our states have declared English the official language. Yet today even in those states….they are going town by town to re-state it again. Why? Because of the Spanish speakers. We have areas of this country where Polish settle or Koreans are the majority. We don’t and haven’t gone through this with ANY other group before. It hasn’t come like this before and it’s come from people this whole entire time that could have just as easily crossed the border and stuck up their flag but DIDN”T. They didn’t because as far as I can see……there wasn’t something better to take.
    Trust me…..our first settlers didn’t come here EXPECTING to see cities built and free anything or a list of demands to be fullfilled. They didn’t come here expecting to ride the wave of wealth without any effort to get along.
    That’s why. There’s nothing, and wanting a chance to create something out of it… and then there’s seeing what you already have and wanting to take it. Never….ever have I seen any immigrant group, legal or illegal land here and start DEMANDING without so much as the slighest effort to get along. EVER. I mean when the pilgrims landed they didn’t find the nearest indian village and run them out and start demanding. I have met immigrants from all over this world…..none have such an arrogant attitude and sense of entitlement as these. Hey….it takes adjustment but there’s NO EXCUSE for what’s going on now. This isn’t “immigration”. This is invasion. Immigration is based on the needs of the country……not on what the immigrant wants.
    Immigration looks at how much it can handle….not on what who wants it.
    I do expect people to stay in their own countries and fight for change. I do realize there are times and ruling governments where people feel the need to leave. Not because it’s the easiest option…..but because it’s the LAST option. Come here and trust me……I don’t CARE about accepting a culture or anything that was SO great you felt the need to escape it. If it’s SO great….GO BACK. Quit trying to turn this nation into the h-hole you supposidly FLED from. Hey…if their way worked……you wouldn’t be here. Besides……there’s a whole wide wonderful world out there……the USA isn’t the ONLY place to go.
    Don’t like Mexico but insist on speaking Spanish…..there’s OTHER places to go. HATE “white Europeans” then hey….there’s other places to go. Don’t like Christians…..theres other places to go. This isn’t the last place to FLEE to. And we aren’t the ONLY place who take immigrants. Not to mention we don’t HAVE to take everyone who WANTS to come here.

  28. While most of us are descendants of immigrants, our ancestors did not have the same opportunities and bonuses that immigrants do today. Spanish on almost every packaging label from shampoo to potato chips. Do you think they did that in the 1930’s? No. Juan, Jean, and Jupka had to learn English in order to assimilate. Low cost and free health care. Same thing. No one who migrated to the US and went through Ellis Island was given free health care. They were given nothing and came with nothing and built a life for themselves and helped to make the country what it is today.
    Now illegal immigrants believe they are entitled to something just because they made it across the border? I don’t think so.

  29. Fedup Veteran
    05:14, 18.12.2009

    I don’t see any Americans despising IMMIGRANTS…MOST Americans love them and are very accepting of their culture. But, now I DO see Most Americans fed up with ILLEGAL ALIENS.
    There is a big difference between the two. One has to do with coming here legally, knowing our customs and language and making sure that they don’t have any commutable illnesses.
    The other is nothing more than a drain on our society living like leaches off of our economy while giving back NOTHING…except illnesses and problems.
    What is so hard about obeying the federal laws?

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