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Hi im thinking of moving to costa rica to the city of san jose, Im a really keen surfer and want to surf as much as possible iff i move there, where would be an ideal place to live if i moved there? i need to be able to get to san jose for my job. Any suggestions appreciated. THANKS

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8 Responses to “How Far Is San Jose Costa Rica From Either Coastline?”

  1. To Puntarenas on the pacific coast it takes around 2 and a half hours from San Jose and to Limón on the Caribbean coast takes around 3 and a half hours.

  2. From San Jose to Jaco or Hermosa it takes a bit more than 2 hours. At the end of next year the new highway to Caldera should be finished so it will be much faster in the future.
    The information from slosurf is wrong! It takes 3 hours to get to Limon from San Jose. There are some surf breaks close to Limon, but most of the good spots are further south (Salsa Brava, Playa Cocles, …). It takes around another hour to get there.
    The distances are not so big but it takes some time to get from Q to B in Costa Rica. At least on the weekends you should be able to get to the beach!

  3. Hey, you in Cali? Just curious…
    San Jose is a dirty, nasty city, so be ready. On bus, it is about a 6 hour drive to Dominical on the Pacific side, and about an 8 hour bus ride to the Carribean side. Good luck mate.

  4. I heard they’re finishing the construction of a highway, which would mean that in 45 minutes, you could be in Puntarenas, a port on the Pacific coast

  5. Most Costa Ricans stay at Jacos because it is the closest beach to the city of San Jose.

  6. San jose sux, u should visit nicaragua, is developed and has no poor.

  7. Jonathan S
    04:53, 02.07.2009

    It’s about a 3-hour drive in private car to either coast.

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